Bath Safety Aids

Bath safety aids

Make Your Bathroom a Safer Place

Choose a Safety Aid to Prevent Falls and Injuries.

More falls occur in the bathroom than any other room of an elderly person's home. Especially for older individuals who struggle with balance, the wet surfaces and hard edges of the shower present a safety risk at every use. By adding a few simple devices, you can make any bathroom a safer, more comfortable place for seniors by enhancing accessibility and reducing the risk of falls.

In-Home Medical Supply is located just outside the Washington D.C. and Baltimore metro areas, and is committed to making life better for you and your loved ones. Our fantastic staff will ship products to your door, set them up for you, and teach you how to use them safely. Some of the most effective safety devices are listed below and can make a huge improvement to any bathroom. If you have any questions, please contact us at (301) 599-1603.

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