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It’s essential to learn as much as you can about all of your choices when choosing a mobility aid like a wheelchair. Your primary choice in this category is between a power wheelchair or a manual one. Certain differences between the two styles will affect your decision. The most important thing is that you have a wheelchair that suits your needs and budget while being comfortable and easy to use. Get in touch with us here at In-Home Medical Supplies if you have further questions about mobility aids.

Manual Wheelchair, Marlboro, MD

Manual Wheelchairs

If you don’t need to exert much effort propelling yourself forward, then a manual wheelchair may work out well for you. Manual wheelchairs are not ideal for those suffering from fatigue conditions, however, so bear this in mind. If you do have to put forth more effort, your speed will be lower on a manual wheelchair, and speed is of great importance in certain situations such as crossing the street. Not all the terrain you’ll cover in your wheelchair will be smooth, and this will require you to expend even more effort. Manual wheelchairs can also generally fold or collapse, making it easy to stow them in vehicles when you travel.

Power Wheelchairs, Marlboro, MD

Power Wheelchairs

Generally, power wheelchairs are more efficient than manual wheelchairs because they don’t require much effort to operate. However, power wheelchairs can have their drawbacks. They are larger and heavier than manual wheelchairs, which makes them much more difficult to transport. You will likely need an accessible vehicle if you need to move your wheelchair from place to place, as many do. Power wheelchairs are great for those who can successfully operate a wheelchair but don’t have the strength needed to use a manual wheelchair.

In sum, wheelchairs are a great option when you’re looking into mobility aids to increase your independence. In-Home Medical Supplies is in Marlboro, Maryland, just outside the Washington D.C. and Baltimore metro areas. Call us or send us an email to discuss our available products, including our selection of wheelchairs!

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